Leading Confidently Into the New Normal

How to harness the power of your company when everything around it is changing


I use my expertise to advance yours

I was taken by the idea that our expertise can make us blind to new, emerging, dangers and that another way of looking could improve the timeliness and accuracy of our strategic decisions.

My baptism of fire in foresight and strategic decision-making took place many years ago, while I was trying to save a company from extinction. The range of difficulties in forward 

looking decision-making, particularly during the daily fight to make ends meet, was extremely painful. Upon dismantling the company, I wanted to understand how managers can see disruption earlier, so I did a Ph.D. in this area.

Now, I want you to learn and overcome the limits of your expertise, discover the rush of foresight done right, and use insights to supercharge your strategic decisions!


Discover how I make a difference with online consulting

Long before Corona, I took most of my consulting work online. It was the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to get a large group of co-workers to do foresight next to their daily duties.

Online has many advantages: participants can collaborate when it suits them and choose a mode that fits their learning style best. I can track and enhance the development of individual participants by analysing both their group interventions and output. And, not even one tiny insight gets lost: everything is saved and stored in a secure cloud.

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Decision-Making When Uncertain