Leading Confidently Into the New Normal

How to harness the power of your company when everything around it is changing


I use my expertise to advance yours

I am taken by the idea that our expertise can make us blind to new, emerging, dangers. Other perspectives improve the timeliness and accuracy of our strategic decisions.

I found this our the hard way, many years ago. I was trying to save a company from extinction. And I failed. 

Having to take so many decisions about the future of 

our team, particularly during the daily fight to make 

ends meet, was extremely painful. I don't want any team to have to go through this.

Upon dismantling the company, I wanted to understand how managers can see disruption earlier. Six years later, it earned me a Ph.D. 

Now, I want you to learn from my failures and insights, so that you can take decisions confidently and guide your team into the new normal.


Discover how I make a difference with online consulting

Long before Corona, I took most of my consulting work online. It was the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to get a large group of co-workers to do foresight next to their daily duties.

Online has many advantages: participants can collaborate when it suits them and choose a mode that fits their learning style best. I can track and enhance the development of individual participants by analysing both their group interventions and output. And, not even one tiny insight gets lost: everything is saved and stored in a secure cloud.

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Decision-Making When Uncertain