Evaluating your organization and questioning if it's future proof as is?

Are you sure that you've made the right strategic choices, especially in light of the digital revolution and sustainability demands? 

Learn how to quickly and easily infuse your deliberations and your team's discussions with foresight. 

  • Organize systematic foresight scans of relevant sources
  • Compose the best team to interpret the scans
  • Pinpoint the most important strategic paradoxes to address
  • Reposition your organization's purpose to fit future demand
  • Develop strategic options to become more flexible

When in doubt, call Futurist Barbara

Barbara has a Ph.D. in managerial perceptions of the future; is expert researcher, scenario planner, design thinker, and Harvard Business Case cruncher; and is still hands-on and easy to talk to ⇢

+31 10 212 5256

I begin where other futurists stop: AFTER the videos of sexy new technologies. I teach managers, entrepreneurs and their teams to find and interpret foresight information. I use a lot of drawings: a quick (and fun) method to support your natural, intuitive, and visual way of thinking (as opposed to talking and reading). Your experience and my expertise is the winning combination that will bring your strategy to the next level.