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Are you (re)evaluating your business plans and budget?

Wonder if you're making the right decisions in light of snowballing digitalization?

Quickly and easily infuse your own thinking and your team's with foresight. Simple foresight visuals will help you understand your business challenge better. Visual thinking will upgrade your anticipation skills and supercharge your strategic insight so that you will make sounder decisions.

I begin where other futurists stop: AFTER the videos of sexy new technologies. I teach entrepreneurs and their teams to find and interpret foresight information. I use a lot of sketches: a quick (and fun) method to support your natural, intuitive, and visual way of thinking (as opposed to talking and reading). Your experience and my expertise is the winning combination that will bring your strategy to the next level.

  • Event organizers who want to edutain audiences with grave but hilarious errors in strategic decision-making and foresight book me as a keynote speaker
  • Executives who want to enrich and utilize their team’s anticipation skills to supercharge their strategic decision-making take the in-company masterclass decision-making.

Lively Keynote
Anticipating the Future

Audiences Rate Barbara 4 out of 5

Treat your executive audience to a hilarious speech on wrong predictions and bad judgments, in a sauce of the latest amazing scientific decision insights on anticipating the business future

Cross uncertainty for the future

Energizing Masterclass
Foresight Driven Leadership

Managers Rate Barbara 4.5 out of 5

Take your team through uncertainty by infusing them with foresight information and actionable steps. Design your own process to bridge the gap between your present company and its future state

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