Treat Your Managers to an Online Development Project to Propel Them Into the Future

Let your team learn about and work on the future of your organization when and how it suits them best

Why book an online management development project?

Online management development project

Management Development But Without the Endless Brainstorms,  Opinion Dominators, and Unfeasible Ideas

Are you ABSOLUTELY fed up with the short term vision of your organization? Yes, the management team performing well and each of them is working hard reaching their goals. But when it comes to looking just a little bit broader, thinking just a notch faster, and using slightly more data in decision-making, the team can use some work. To put it mildly.

Don't worry. Developing the team's level of thinking is a problem for hundreds of executives. It is as common as rain.

When your organizational context is changing rapidly, like we have experienced in the past year, and you want to make sure your team is able to deal with the next changes, then this online development project is for you.

WhAT are the 4 steps in the online management development project?

A Team Challenge to Bring the Organization's Processes and Services Into the Future

Our average development project runs four months and contains four modules of smaller tasks. 


1. Trend Extrapolation

An innovated PESTLE analysis gets the participants on the same, higher thinking level and sensitizes  them for trend breaches and other disruptions

Foresight Map

2. Scenario Thinking

Trend analysis outcomes are plotted in at least three distinct scenarios to broaden the team's thinking capabilities and to teach them to extrapolate

Dynamic adaptive strategy

3. Innovativeness

The participants will develop strategies to let the organization survive and thrive in each scenario. This helps them to understand and create a dynamic, adaptive strategy for the organization

Rapid Prototyping

4. Prototyping

The participants will test the concepts from step three with a focus group of your choosing. Multiple rapid iterations will show them how to link the future to the present.


Foresight Methods and Competencies

The MD project is carefully designed to keep participants motivated and to keep up momentum. Alternating learning styles (for instance: story telling, individual exercises, webinars, chat brainstorms, whiteboarding, dilemma rating) take participants on an exciting and amazing journey into the future of your organization. Meanwhile, the participants practice various foresight methods and develop their thinking and debating skills. Critical thinking slowly becomes the norm, just like taking the initiative, and innovating your way out of problematic scenarios. All this, in one online management development project.

  • Foresight methods, such as trend analysis, trend extrapolation, voroscoping, scenario planning, latent customer profiling, and digital business modelling
  • Foresight skills, such as critical thinking, innovativeness, design thinking, prototyping, and judgment of future concepts
  • Online collaboration skills, such as asking for clarity regardless of initial feelings, declaring yourself to be "in the dark", generously sharing of ideas and concepts,  the grace to wait patiently until other participants have understood you thoroughly, building onto the ideas of others, and simple netiquette.

how can you keep the momentum?

Track Behavior, Reward or Coach

In an online environment, participation is rewarding. The extent to which participants are invested in the project is tracked: if and how much data do they share, if and how much appreciation do they have for team members, if and how much they build on each other. 

We will compliment and reward the participants for these behaviors. Those that don't will be coached privately to take positive actions.

The project is designed in the shape of a friendly challenge. Teams "compete" and keep each other on their toes. When outperforming teams get praised and the others incentivized and coached, everybody feels progress in a good way.

WhY focus the project on foresight?

Unchain Your Thinking

Foresight is an ideal goal for a management development project because "the future" is an equalizer. Nobody can predict the future, anything may happen and everything is possible: we can work without the usual constraints on our thinking.

Hidden agendas and bad group dynamics belong to the present context, so a foresight projects is relatively free from those barriers. 


When and How You Like It

Plotting the future of an organization and the strategies to get there... that is an information heavy project. It requires the "jigsaw piece approach": each participant brings her own jigsaw piece consisting of individual knowledge, expertise and responsibilities to the table. Online collaboration is the easiest method to bring the jigsaw together.

Online collaboration is also very effective and light on the agenda, because everyone can work when and how they like it. 

Minimal load, maximal results

Online collaboration still works when:

  • ... the broadest range of information types are in play. Videos, texts, photo's, spreadsheets, sketches, collages, graphics, presentations: as long as it can be uploaded, it's feasible.
  • ... the broadest range of teamwork methods are in play: mindmapping, brainstorming, surveying, whiteboarding, or plain old talking.
  • ... the broadest range of team roles is in play: researching, shaping, designing, warning, discussing, arguing, completing, or dishing out expertise

WhY four months?

The Benefits of Progressive Insight

"The" Future does not exist. Developing vision and strategy takes progressive insight because the odds are that the first idea does not represent the broader range of possible futures. 

In a single off-site session, decisions are made under time pressure. Valuable insights do not survive such pressure cookers.

There are always multiple viewpoints on trends and disruptive signals, especially in turbulent times. The benefit of a longer process is that multiple viewpoints can develop before their best insights are harvested and brought together in a cohesive idea.

For whom?

Learning Organizations

The online management development project is designed with the learning organization in mind. It is independent of industry or region. As long as the organization is larger than 40 persons and people converse in English or Dutch, you're good to go.

Participants are picked from all disciplines, levels, and branches, with a minimum of 12 people.

how did this approach come together?

Success Has Many Parents

I would love to claim the success of the online management development project for me, but that would not be true. I have asked every expert I knew to help design the program. It is built on the principles of adult education, and enriched with the knowledge of innovation managers, feedback trainers, executive coaches, and the experiences of the hundreds of participants who already did the project.

On top of that, the design is also infused with my own expertise: 10+ years as a facilitator of online meetings. I hosted the first edition back in 2010, with the ancient tools of those days. The design and tools have been reviewed and iterated many times now. Hundreds of hours have been invested.

how certain is the approach?

Success is Guaranteed

I personally guarantee that the project results in at least one tested and working strategy of service, and that foresight skills are enhanced. To measure skill development, participants are assessed at the start and finish of the project.

And to top that off: if you are not satisfied, I will give you your money back.


Who should attend?


Application requirements



The project will be held at your convenience, so tell me when you would like to schedule it and how many managers will attend (minimal 12)

No payment required at this time

PS. The Online Management Development Projects was developed over 6 years of Ph.D. research and includes the latest scientific insights from psychology and neurology, and plenty of hacks collected from outperforming CEOs. The masterclass leads to successful improvements of your decision-making process by reducing decision-making biases and mistakes made under uncertainty.

The 12 seat, 4 month project is € 28.500 excluding VAT.