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Take a Short Break and Develop Your Leadership Skills to Transition Your Company into the Future

Are you ABSOLUTELY certain that your strategic decisions are the best ones you could take?

You're trying to be objective, but you're also considering your gut-feeling. When your gut is absent or in doubt, making major decisions becomes an issue. You lay out the available facts, list the pros and cons... but you can't seem to find clear and convincing evidence to resolutely choose a direction and run with it.

Don't worry. Strategic uncertainty is a problem for hundreds of executives. It is as common as rain.

When your organizational context is changing, and you want to make sure you're taking the right direction, then the one-on-one is for you.

The online one-on-one is a 45 minute live Zoom meeting at a date and time of your convenience. It will fit in any busy agenda. You will learn how you can competently deal with uncertainty for the rest of your executive careers, so that you can be the inspirational leader you're need to be.

In one of my Ph.D. studies, I've discovered the formula that out-performers use to improve their decision-making. They reduce specific decision-making errors, while allowing for high uncertainty in their organizational context. Five tweaks to your decision-making process is all it takes.

In fact, after just one session, you can have your personal decision-making process completely under control. From there, you can hone your skills and take your decision-making to the next level.

Imagine what it would be like to feel unburdened, optimistic, and free in the management meetings and make well-informed decisions made fluently!

whAT skills will you develop further?

Build Your Decision-Making Skill

Competent decision-making means taking action by stating a judgment. Under high uncertainty, judgments are difficult to make because the facts are lacking. You will have to base decisions on assumptions rather than facts. The critical step in this type of decisions is the correctness of your problem analysis. Do you see the decision context right? One-on-ones are perfectly suited to develop the competencies you need for decision context analysis.

  • Analytical thinking : collecting information about backgrounds, possible, probable, and plausible causes and effects, and differentiate those from preferrable and projected causes and effects. Focusing on the big hairy developments first.
  • Management: using a variety of methods to retrieve relevant information, then asking questions to deepen insight, and actively integrating new insights into existing knowledge and beliefs
  • Leadership: improving strategic thinking, business acumen, leading courageously, and inspiring others
  • Self-Management: learning to take the initiative and risk taking, drive for results, adaptability, and emotional resilience

whAT are the barriers for decision-making under uncertainty?

The Usual Decision-Making Errors Are Bigger When Under Uncertainty

Think about the Kodak case: why did they ignore the digital camera, even when one of their own had invented it? Among the reasons were the large sales volumes and glowing growth rates of analog film and cameras, well into the digital era. Their focus on sales and customer satisfaction led them astray. They had a false sense of security... 

Other common errors are:

  • Habit of making hasty decisions, without considering risks
  • Disregard for conflicting viewpoints and opinions
  • Trading the long-term good for short-term benefits
  • Fear of consequences, aversion to risk
  • Excessive analysis that extremely prolongs decision-making
  • Over-confidence and unwillingness to collaborate on solutions
  • Ignoring relevant factual data
  • Unconscious decision biases, Insufficient objectivity
  • Perfectionism, paralysis of decision-making due to excessive focus on minutia
  • Failure to employ analytics tools

whAT can you do right now?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Did you include foresight in your analysis? Do you know where to get foresight information?
  • Did you create several scenarios for the developments that you see? Did you go beyond these three obvious scenarios:
    • The future is a little bit better/worse than today (the plausible future)
    • The future in which developments work in favor of your company (the preferred future)
    • The future in which your plans work (the projected future)
  • Are you aware of your beliefs and assumptions?

so, the one-on-one in short?

A 45 Minute Brain Pick

We'll talk about your dilemma and investigate it from different angles. What you know, where your doubts are, and what-if scenarios will be talked through. We will step back from the discussion regularly to reflect on the bigger picture. Your role is to be honest and curious. My role is to share my expertise and to play the devil's advocate, only this time, he is from the future.

When we're done, you will be able to:

  • Understand why the future is tough to envision and implement: You'll learn how biology and psychology shape your decisions and how to deal with that
  • Assess your personal decision-making process and enhance it — You'll be pleasantly surprised to see the big effects of small tweaks on your process
  • Reflect on your personal vision and assumptions  — You'll be asked to take discuss your idea on what's happening with Futurist Barbara personally

If you have a fierce desire to learn and grow and if you have a good chemistry with futurist Barbara, the one on-one is just for you.

For the last five years, I have been studying foresight driven decision-making as part of my Ph.D. Thousands of ceos and entrepreneurs have participated in my lectures, workshops and presentations about strategic uncertainty. The many management teams that I've coached have successfully transformed their decision-making process to grow their business confidently.

here's what you'll get:

Digital Materials Included 

  • Pre-session questionnaire on your decision-making challenges to help you clarify your goals
  • Live online one-on-one; 45 minutes that seem to fly by
  • Downloadable infographic of the optimal personal strategic decision-making process
  • Recording of the one-on-one to help you remember, reflect and increase your success

The one-on-one will be held at your convenience, so tell me when you would like to schedule it. Please allow some time prior to the session, for you to fill out the pre-session questionnaire and for Barbara to read your answers

PS. Barbara's insight into foresight and decision making under uncertainty developed over 6 years of Ph.D. research and includes the latest scientific insights from psychology and neurology, and plenty of hacks collected from outperforming CEOs. The one-on-one leads to successful improvements of your decision-making process by reducing decision-making biases and mistakes made under uncertainty.

The one-on-one is € 250 excluding VAT per 45 minute session.

Why futurist barbara as your consultant?

Foresight Entrepreneur turned Ph.D.

Barbara is an experienced executive consultant and has been advising top-managers online for as long as Skype exists (2003). She will ask you all kinds of questions to clarify your situation and will give her expert opinion as a futurist on the quality of your decision-making process.

certified business coach
entrepreneurship coach

She will help you discover your own path, because she is convinced that each organization has its own, specific purpose and context. Therefore: not one size fits all, but individual performance counts most.

Her client list consists of top-managers from local and regional government, and mid-sized enterprises in Dutch and English speaking countries. 

Besides her Ph.D. in Futures Studies, 15+ years of experience as a foresight consultant, Barbara also has enough years as a top-manager under her belt to know where you're coming from.


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