Meet Futurist Barbara:

I saw a photo of the Pope visiting the Philippines, and the Cardinals were holding their smart phones out to film him and share it on Facebook...

I thought: No way!

No way that respectful, educated men, in formal attire, at work, will behave like a bunch of teenagers at a festival. Again: no way! I mean, clergy!

To me that photo represents the magnitude of the change that we are living. Take a look for yourself and see how YOU feel when you watch this:

Pope Francis, 2015

Technology is everywhere, used by everyone, every time. And that's just the beginning.

Smartphones are still rather stupid if you ask me, but AI will change that soon. With the going rate... 

How Is It Going Between You and Change?

Why are there still entrepreneurs and managers who don't take action? 

Good question.

Let's answer this together. Would you say that your company is already where it's supposed to be? You can go and retire and contemplate your stardom because without you the company will keep its edge anyway? No? What's kept you back?


So when you've voiced in your head what keeps your company back, take action and change whatever needs to change. Develop a process that monitors change regularly so that you will be in constant touch with the future. Let someone watch the changes in customer needs, because customers change along with our society. Keep an eye on start-ups and new technologies that might replace some of your business. Find out how your way of doing business can survive.

If you have any doubts along the way about how to design your foresight process, call me. And we'll figure this out, for sure.

Futurist Barbara

Short Bio

Futurist Barbara is one of the rare female futurists in the world. She's also one of the few scholars specialized in how top-managers discover the future in the information they consume.

She combines her scientific endeavors with an independent advisory practice in (re)designing the foresight process of mid-sized companies. She will explain the methods and the competencies required and help you integrate foresight in decision-making.

Futurist Barbara is a rather strange futurist because she is convinced that we can not predict future. Top managers and entrepreneurs can shape the future under two conditions. Firstly, they should envision at least a couple of possible futures. Secondly, they must be bold enough to innovate their way out of the present.

When she's not busy speaking, lecturing, or advising, she loves to hang out with the equally geeky. She has been known to talk lengthily and deeply about the wonders of human cognition, dogs, or good food.

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