Lively Keynote: Anticipating the Future

Lively speaker who will supercharge your insights on the future and how to get there

If you want a keynote speaker who has the hang of delivering the latest scientific learnings to an entrepreneurial audience, then book Barbara. She's an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. She knows how to translate difficult concepts into understandable action words. She uses plenty of real-world examples and personal experiences to convey her message:

The future can't be predicted, but you can shape it

Because our business environments are changing more rapidly than ever, executives need to envision multiple possible futures to let their business survive and thrive.

strategic sweetspot

Focusing on one future is risky business in environments that change rapidly and unpredictably. So, your use multiple futures and innovate your company in the direction of the strategic sweet spot.

  • Speaks clearly and understandably in Dutch or English
  • Uses intonation and body language to reach understanding and rapport
  • Clarifies decision-making errors with amazing video's and graphs of real-world examples
  • Structured and cohesive presentation design
  • Respectfully responds to participants without letting go of structure
  • Develops multiple viewpoints to teach groups the benefit of a wider view 
  • Pivots if necessary to keep groups on track
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Topic: [ YOUR ] Challenge

Barbara shares juicy, real-world decision-making errors due to faulty or lacking foresight. She also does a quick test or two to let you self-assess your personal and your company's foresight capabilities. Then follow some bewildering data and how to make sense of it, and she tops the keynote off with handy tips for the immediate enhancement of your foresight process and team composition. 

She tailors presentations to your audience, for instance, by focusing on your industry or issue. Every booking, she updates the keynote with the most recent insights in decision-making and foresight. Barbara also likes to focus the keynote on distinct learnings. For instance, she can point the content to specific processes such as innovation or repositioning, deep dive into the impact of distinct trends such as digitalization or information transparency, or she can use the content to help you envision future scenarios or other foresight and decision-making skills.

Barbara's keynote speech functions as a wake-up call. This way, she supports executives who are transforming their business to withstand the digital revolution. Hers is a story of failure, discovery, and winning. She tells it to demonstrate the speed of change, establish that the future is unpredictable but manageable, and that there is a method to stay abreast.

No blah-blah that you can Google together in a couple of hours, but years of experience mixed with scientific facts. Because that's the content that is sound enough to base your decision-making on.

Average Rating:

Audiences rate Barbara 4.5 out of 5 for interaction, content, and presentation design

Participants Said:

  • "You really made me think and opened up my view" (Zwolle, January 2020)
  • "Although the topic is abstract, she made it concrete and actionable" (Breukelen, November 2019)
  • "Great presentation, I've enjoyed it immensely, thank you. Are you available for other groups?" (Amsterdam, April 2019)
  • "Fun and informal way of presenting" (Alkmaar, February 2019)
  • "Good structure and inspiring examples" (Alkmaar, February 2019)
  • "Fun and passionate speaker!" (Breukelen, November 2018)

From Barbara's Foresight Slide Deck:

Pope Francis visits Philippines, 2015

We ALL create data

Data growth exponentially

Data is the new gold

IBM Watson Dentist App

Allowing AI to take over

Forecast vs foresight

But we don't plan for a data driven world (oops)

You Have a Choice: to Lead or to Follow

Barbara strongly believes in the preferred future: the future that we actively shape with every decision we take. Unlike popular futurists who focus on sexy singular technological trends, Barbara anchors her insights in science and data. You can trust her to present a pragmatic view that ignites your decision-making powers. Because she feels that it's more important to help you advance your skills than to impress you with arbitrary futures about you turning into a cyborg. Besides, real-world decision-making is crazier than you think. No need to spice it up!

All You Need to Know About Futurist Barbara

Barbara is lecturer and speaker at Nyenrode Business University and Delft University of Technology about foresight and decision-making. As a futurist, she trains the management teams of mid sized companies to include foresight into their strategic decisions. Her goal: to help you decide more timely, accurately and actionably. Next to her practice, she is also researching her Ph.D. on managerial cognitions of the future. She expects to defend her thesis in 2019. Her thesis work is already awarded with the EIASM best paper award and published in Elsevier's Futures Journal.

She is the former director of Media Plaza, the SME demonstration center for the digital future. In that capacity, she has developed foresight and strategy programs for over 10,000 entrepreneurs annually. She has applied foresight onto the designs of several award winning venues, such as Media Plaza Polar Zone and the Gold Souk (part of the largest special retail venue in Europe). Her foresight work also resulted in the popular human space flight exhibition "Dutch Dimensions", a 1,000 m2 exhibition of cutting-edge innovations of the Dutch space industry. 

Dr. Barbara van Veen

Book Barbara as Your Next Speaker

If you feel your business must adapt, but you're not sure what to adapt to or how to decide about it, then this keynote for you. Gone will be the days of complacency. Exciting future opportunities will make it feel like you're starting out again... The world at your feet and anything is possible. You can begin learning and growing and making things happen, only this time in a big way.

Adapting to change isn't a choice any longer, it's a must. Because a missed opportunity today is the threat of tomorrow. Close the gap between the present and future state of your business. Jump the digital divide, or be held responsible for painful loss of jobs and income of your colleagues.

Futurist Barbara will tell you how to adapt. No all eggs in one basket futurism predicting thé future that is just as popular as it is wrong. Instead, evidence of the best way to envision, interpret and act on possible futures, so that you can grow your business in a responsible way.

After all, you're in charge of your business future, and there is no time to waste!