November 26

Get unstuck: find solutions in new perspectives

Decision-Making Process


A focus on the present details of our company (or challenge) usually helps us make decisions. It keeps unwanted distractions at bay and makes effective use of resources. However, such a focus can also lead to creative block. Our focus may eliminate possible solutions too soon, because they seem to clash with what we want and know. In those cases, forcing the development of multiple perspectives on the company or challenge may get us unstuck. New perspectives bring new solutions.

Time-scale thinking is a brainstorm tool to help develop multiple perspectives. It originated from TRIZ (systematic inventive thinking system deployed by the Russian army), but is used for business problems too. 

You probably have already unraveled your challenge or business into its components, drivers, and barriers. Firstly, add a time stretch: What did your situation look like in the past? How can it play out in the future?

Secondly, add a scale stretch: What does your situation look like from the wider environment looking in? For instance: from the perspective of stakeholders? Or from the Moon?

Thirdly, take the scale stretch and add a time stretch to that: the past and future environments.

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