Flashes of Insight to Better Decisions

Futurists are just like normal people. We're biased and error prone in our decision-making. The difference is that we know it and take measures to reduce decision-making errors. In my blog "Flash", I share the insights, tools, and tips that I think you should know about.

If you're a courageous executive willing to accept good-hearted advice to improve your decision-making, then these flashes of insight are for you.

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The Manager Algorithm
When AI enters the realm of the spirit and mind (Buddha Robot by Wang Zi Won) The Manager Algorithm “How[...]
The Placebo Effect of Management Information
Management Information provides great context, but it also blinds us for signs of change, says Warren Buffett. Here's what to do about it.
Reducing Bias: The Linda Problem and the Cost of Neglect
Check your decision quality with the Linda problem and learn how to make a habit of de-biasing before you decide
How to Read Attitudes Towards Change in Non-Verbal Cues
Non-verbal cues help you to assess how people see change so that you can have a balanced discussion and profit from different viewpoints
How to Listen and Respond for Better Decisions
Knowing more about heuristics has changed the way I participate in discussions: I listen for distinct cues, draw and structure my responses.
How Do I Best Make Unpopular Decisions?
Too often, leaders are the last to hear bad news or unintentionally label dissent as negativity and criticism. But looking for and accepting dissent is a crucial factor that differentiates business failures and successes.