November 8

Decisions About the Future

Decision-Making Process



Strategic decisions are decisions about your future course of action. It takes future change into account: emerging competitors, trends and developments, latent customer needs. These future 'states' are complex, dynamic, and foremost uncertain.

The usual weighing of pros and cons does not suffice, because we lack the data about those pros and cons. We can only guesstimate probabilities. This is like putting together a 3 million piece puzzle, with many jigsaw pieces missing and we don't know which ones.

Our vision of the future functions as the picture on the puzzle box. Our vision is the only means we have to assess the future impact of emerging changes in our business environment.

About the author 

Futurist Barbara

Barbara is a no-nonsense Dutch futurist and one of the few scholars specialized in how top-managers perceive the future in the information they read (weak signals).Barbara goes on when other futurists stop: AFTER the exciting-scary videos of technological wonders. She does not leave you in turmoil, but she will help you with practical, actionable insights. You will learn how to become sensitive to disruption, to implement a lightweight foresight process and to infuse major decisions with foresight data.When you're about to make a major executive decision, but are not (yet) sure how then Barbara is the futurist for you. You can shape the future under two conditions. Firstly, you envision at least ​three possible futures. Secondly, you innovate their way out of the present to survive and thrive in each future.

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