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Reduce Bias and Other Cognitive Errors in Your Decisions

You're done talking it over. It's decision time. You feel sure: there's no doubt left, you feel positive, focused, and in control. So there you go, your gut says yes.

But how can you be sure that your human psychology is not playing tricks on you? Your instinct will not tell you. You have to actively take measures to reduce bias and errors.

The first step is to become aware of your biases. Do the test and find out if you're biased:

Biases like this one are best reduced by creative conflict: intense deliberation in a spirit of curiosity and mutual respect and high commitment to learning and finding the best solution or direction to take.

As an executive of a disruptive business, your job is not just to listen, but to create an environment that relishes debate, and the original solutions that come from them.

Foundational Tools and Strategies:

Other Decision-Making Help:

Besides teaching you how to reduce bias and other decision-making errors, I can also help you to: